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Frequently asked questions

What has happened to the shurugbyshop?


Good question!  Our host site has upgraded and the web builder site that we used to build the shop couldn't keep up, so we are now using a shop template. 


This shop site is brand new, which is why not all the products are featured yet.   But don't worry, they will be soon.


The full range of SHU Rugby, Beverley Rugby, LAD and Rugby Helps Our Heroes products will be back on sale here soon.




What happened with the 2019 SHU Rugby calendar film downloads?


If you purchased the 2019 SHU Rugby 'Making of' film as a download on the old shop site and got an error message saying that you couldn't access the files because of traffic, it would appear that we broke Dropbox!


Although we pay a lot of money to Dropbox to host and share our files each year, the huge demand for the 2019 film on it's release generated  a huge amount of traffic all trying to download our files at the same time and Dropbox suspended our account temporarily.


Things are back to normal now.    If you paid for the download but still haven't been able to access the film files, please email: and I will send you the new direct links. 



I don't have Paypal, can I still buy stuff?


Gosh yes!  Email us at: and we can arrange for you to pay by bank transfer.



Who should I contact if I have any queries?


Hi, I'm Paul, I'm the Commercial Manager at SHU Rugby.  Feel free to email me anytime, about anything.  We can talk about SHU Rugby, the shop, or anything you want really. 


Favourite topics of conversation for January include;

- SHU Rugby calendar 2019

- our lovely new online store

- the best way to make a cup of tea (it IS milk in first!)

- Sam Fender (is brilliant) 

- isn't Jodie Whittaker fabulous as the new Doctor Who? (and incidentally... my acting coach was in the New Year episode of Doctor Who!  How cool is that!)


- does anybody want 2 tickets for the play Gypsy Queen at the Sheffield Crucible Studio Theatre on 9th February?  I was really looking forward to seeing it but when I bought the tickets I didn't know that it would clash with another event...

- Lindsay Dracass album launch is on 9th February in Sheffield (which is why I can't go to see Gypsy Queen).  If you've not heard Lindsay Dracass recently I suggest you YouTube her.  I swear you will not be disappointed.  She has the most beautiful voice.


So yeah, email me for a chat.  We're  a friendly bunch here at SHU Rugby.   


So how do I email you to tell you you were right about Lindsay Dracass?


Same old email address that we've always had:  That hasn't changed. Go on.  Drop us a line.



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