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Frequently asked questions


I don't have Paypal, can I still buy stuff?


Gosh yes!  Of course you can...  Email us at: and we can arrange for you to pay by bank transfer, cash (£, $ or euro), cheque or some other way...!!

(Blimey, you can pay us in fizzy cola bottles if it makes it easier for you!!  We love fizzy cola bottles!!)



Who should I contact if I have any queries?


Hi, I'm Paul, I'm the Commercial Manager at SHU Rugby.  Feel free to email me anytime, about anything.  We can talk about SHU Rugby, the shop, or anything you want really. 


Favourite topics of conversation for August include;

- SHU Rugby calendar 2020 - It's coming along nicely, thank you.  Crowdfunder page is at:

- the 2020 Crowdfunder is finished, can I still get the rewards? - Yes of course.  Just email us at to arrange it.  By donating the amounts shown on the Crowdfunder page you will get the same rewards when they are released.

- the new Rugby Helps Our Heroes website - check it out - click here

- Will there be a 2020 Rugby Helps our Heroes calendar?  (I'm trying to make it happen.  See below.)

- How brilliant Sam Fender is.  Ongoing topic.  He's ace.  Album due out beginning of August and I am well excited... shame he had to cancel

his shows at Glastonbury.  I was there.  Ready and waiting!

- Discovered a new band at Kendal Calling called Cassia.  They were ace.  We only went in the tent to get out of the rain and stayed to listen to them

cos they were great.

- So this heatwave we're having...  how can it be so hot and yet raining so much?! 

We are also looking for amateur and professional teams to take part in the 2020 Rugby Helps Our Heroes charity calendar.

If you are a rugby player and would like to volunteer yourself, or your club to star in the next calendar, please get in touch with us.

If your club is looking to do a nude calendar project we can help you.  It is free to do and could make you hundreds of pounds - click here


So yeah, email me for a chat.  We're  a friendly bunch here at SHU Rugby.   


So how do I email you?


Same old email address that we've always had:

Go on.  Drop us a line.



Get in touch:

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